Will You Sit Here & Die Book Reviews


It is Awesome!

To God be the glory, if you have not read  the book I will advise you to do so. It is AWESOME! It's an excellent word. The book comes to life as you read it. You will find yourself in the pages, you will hear yourself saying WOW!!!! I've been there, I been through that or I know someone who is going thru that. Life situations and circumstances happen to us all and this book is a life changing word that will renew, revise and regenerate the mind on how you think, respond and apply the word of God in your life. Also, I liked the font print, I was able to read beginning to end in one sitting. Usually with the regular print my eyes get tired and I stop reading shortly after getting started. Great reading, excellent word and strong  medicine for the soul. May God continue to bless you as you continue to pour into His people.

~Deacon Brenda



We Have Authority!

I enjoyed reading Apostle's first book “Will You Sit Here & Die”. She does some awesome teaching from 2 Kings 6-7. I can relate to when she speaks about leprosy and it being a horrible disease. She says that you are leprous when your flesh is the deciding factor between you and God's will. We must die to flesh daily and be obedient to His Word. Apostle lets us know that we have the authority to make decisions and to get moving and take back what the enemy has stolen from us. This was a easy read, but very knowledgeable. Amen!

~Ambassador Rhonda