Will You Sit Here and Die?

This is Not Just a Personal Testimony

This isn't your normal church testimony. In this book, I pour my heart out about a personal trial I encountered and empower it with scriptural background in order to encourage those who have to make the same decision and answer the same question God asked me, "Will You Sit Here and Die?" God may not be asking you the exact same question, but He may be asking you:

  1. When are you going to move forward?

  2. Why are you allowing them to restrain you?

  3. How long will you stay in your negative feelings?

  4. What is keeping you from doing what I called you to do?

  5. Didn't I say go?

Why YOU Need This Book

My book will help motivate you past your feelings, past crazy un-Christian like thoughts and help you get through painful moments in your life. 

  • Have you experienced church hurt?
    With my book you'll learn how to free yourself from the pain and move forward; doing what God called you to do.

  • Do you feel stuck or paralyzed emotionally, spiritually or mentally? 
    Discover your own ability to run through troops and leap over walls after you finish reading my book!

  • Do you need to motivate yourself or your congregation? 
    Use your mind to relight your fire and those around! This book will teach you how to train your thoughts to overcome negative emotions and push yourself to continue running this race.

  • Have you run out of options? 
    Find out how to make decisions when all you have are bad options. That's all I had when I went through my heartbreaking situation. Nothing was a good choice. There weren't any decent, almost okay, "not too bad" choices for me to make, but I had to choose. Let me teach you how to make the best decision when there's nothing good to choose from.

  • Are your thoughts eating you alive? 
    I definitely have the formula to overcome vain imaginations! That's all I could initially think of. I had bad thoughts running through my head. I didn't want to continue walking the path God had laid before me. I thought it was due to my heart being broken, no shattered. However, I learned that it was my thoughts that fed my emotions, so my thoughts had to get me out of that dump.

  • Are you afraid to move forward? 
    Let me show you why it's just an optical illusion! Have you ever seen an optical illusion? It's just a trick on your brain and eyes. Your eyes are showing your brain a picture and your brain is trying to figure it out and comes up with something it thinks is right. Sometimes it is so wrong that we are frozen in fear, but remember we walk by faith and not by sight. Read my book, close your eyes and never be afraid again to let God guide you.

If your unproductive thoughts and actions are keeping you from fulfilling God's will for your life, then get my book "Will You Sit Here and Die!  Click the button below to purchase it. 

4 Helpful Ideas When Reading My Book

  • Read It To Motivate & Encourage Yourself
    Whether or not you are experiencing something traumatic in your life currently, this is a book to keep on the shelf for your time of need. We all go through times that are rough. We all have those moments of despair and depression. My book is a quick read and will quickly pick you up. Purchase my book and let God tell you when to read it... You never know, it may be in the midnight that you're woken up to read yourself happy.

  • Gift It To A Friend
    Do you know someone that seems to always have issues, tissues and Puffs? Do you know someone that has been trying to be helpful, but is always pushed aside in ministry? Do you know someone that has trouble counting their blessings or being grateful? Do you know anyone that has been hurt or disappointed by the church? If you're tired of them being stuck, hurt or just full of complaints then tell them about this book. Share the wealth of knowledge. Sometimes reading advice is better absorbed than when someone 'tells' you what to do. Be wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove...send them a copy of my book.

  • Teach It As A Class
    This book is great for any ministerial training class. If you are a new Pastor, then you allow this book to highlight areas that you will encounter on your journey. This is still a great resource for anyone in ministry. This will show you how overcome test and trials when working with the saints of God. Things can get tricky and can be hurtful, but God told me what to do and this book is me sharing that wisdom. Stay connected for another post where I give you a list of thought provoking questions for your class to reflect on.

  • Read It For Your Book Club
    I have a ministry that is geared towards women called "Women of Deliverance" and this ministry started with a book club in someone's home. I have no doubt that book clubs are an effective way minister to the areas of concern of a group of people. Reading books together helps others that have a difficult time voicing their opinion to shed light on how they feel about certain situations. Stay connected for another post where I share some great discussion questions for a book club?

Take a look at some of my encouraged customers!


"Will You Sit Here and Die" is packed with a crazy amount of self motivating answers. It's full of wisdom for real life situations and real life brokenness. If you're in ministry, then this is a MUST read. You will definitely be able to relate. Take the challenge to encourage yourself as David did, just click the button below

You can use it as resource for your young adult, adult and ministerial classes. It's not expensive. The Lord laid it on my heart to make this an easy read as well as easy on your pockets. Buy my book for $9.99. You can buy one for a friend, it makes a great gift! Be forever blessed.