Women of Deliverance


In October of 2006, four women came together to celebrate life and praise God for his many blessings. This was not your normal gathering or ladies night out. The purpose was to draw closer to each other and more importantly to God. God had healed one of these women from cancer and it was a time to praise Him and celebrate life. Because of the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit, there was a desire to continue meeting. This was not the usual gathering of women. This was a group of women committed to each other and desiring a closer relationship with God. A spiritual book club was formed. These women of God would meet twice a month rotating from home to home. A spiritual repositioning was taking place. The overwhelming connection and bond led to a complete three and one half years of consistently meeting. There was a new sense of commitment and desire for a closer relationship with God. The friendships had been rekindled and nothing could stop them. They always knew that God had something bigger and better in store for them. They realized that He had a purpose not only for each of them; but as a unit.


March 2009 marked the start of our first series: "The Women of the Bible: “Good Girls, Bad Girls.” Stories of five biblical women were presented by five anointed women, on five historical nights. It was during this time that Minister Robbin Hargrove was introduced to the group. Little did they know, God was setting up something! Minister Hargrove was led by the Holy Spirit to crash the book club one evening. She brought the Holy Spirit and the anointing with her. Healing and deliverance took place on this night. God spoke through her and they knew it was God. They would never be the same.

Several months later, Robbin invited them to her home. They were joined by five other women. Robbin shared a dream. She began to talk about what God was revealing to her. She said each one was included in the dream and there was a purpose. For the next six months the Word of God was taught. God began to perform surgery. He began equipping the women with the tools needed to handle the warfare. They were able to find strength and comfort from each other. They began to encourage one another to push pass her pain. It was now time to walk into their purpose. They were determined to help women push through their pain and go forward to walk into their purpose and destiny. 

The Women of Deliverance ministry was birthed. The first women’s fellowship was held in June 2010. Women from all denominations representing various churches came to fellowship. On November 30, 2010, the charter class graduated, receiving pink nursing jackets as a symbol of midwifery.

Women throughout our area including Pennsylvania and New York have joined this movement. Each time has been unique and powerful. Worshippers walk in and cause the move of God. Signs and wonders have followed. The circle has since grown and come to be called: Spiritual Midwives.