The Embassy

When God sends you your inheritance, most people run toward it and accept it with loving arms, but not Pastor Robbin.  She’s a third generation female preacher whose grandmother, Dr. Alberta Johnson, founded and pastored a church in a time when female pastors were under appreciated.  She had grown up in this church; practically being born on the altar.  She was very active in church; driving the church van, singing in the choir and attending long services that literally lasted all day.  The pain of seeing her grandmother, whom she loved dearly, go through hurt and rejection from the very people she pastored caused her to make up in her mind that she never wanted to be a pastor, let alone be in another church.  But God had given her a pastor’s heart.

It started with AHEART, a ministry that began as God placed her in a position where she saw a need for nurturing infants of broken families that came from broken families.  She founded the non-profit organization so that she could hand out essential infant supplies but also minister to people who felt like no one cared about them.  As she handed them a pack of diapers, she also spoke a word of encouragement to them, lifted them up with her kind words, and reassured them they could make it out of the vicious cycle that was ensnaring them. 

She was later launched into a ministry dealing with hurting women.  She ministered transparently about the issues she was experiencing and revealed the relevancy of the Word of God to her situations.  This enabled the women to see their issues in the Word of God.  Pastor Robbin then encouraged them with the revelations God gave her on how to walk by faith and how to pray to change their circumstances.  Her God given ministry of healing and deliverance enabled her, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to break chains, cast out demons, and speak empowering but true life changing words to women on their spiritual death beds.

After these years of preparation came the call to revive the church her grandmother started in 1977.  Though she ran from the call, it was WOD’s 2nd class graduation’s guest speaker, Apostle Kim A. Davis (Downingtown, Pa) who also became her spiritual mother, who encouraged and supported her to accept the call.  Apostle Davis nurtured, taught, and helped install Pastor Robbin as the Senior Pastor in October 2013, with her partner and friend in ministry, Chief Apostle Eugene Smith (Detroit, Mi); who is also Pastor Robbin’s spiritual father.  Her grandmother’s church, St James Bible Deliverance Evangelical Association became known as The Embassy.  It is a safe place for individuals with the call of leadership on their lives to identify the call, train for ministry and be sent out as Jesus commissioned all disciples.  It is a place where hurting leaders can be restored, refreshed, and revived for ministry. 

Under the leadership of her spiritual parents, she became the Public Relations Director for the Alliance of Eagles Fellowship spearheaded by Apostle Davis and also the Executive Administrator for the Bethesada Fellowship of Churches and Leaders lead by Chief Apostle Eugene Smith. Through her covering, she travels many places preaching a word that brings deliverance, healing, peace, joy and encouragement.  She now pastors The Embassy alongside her mother Pastor Peaches Bedford.